12 de julio de 2024

The Government of Canada recognizes the important role this rail line plays in connecting communities in northern Manitoba.
Today, the Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre, signalled the Government’s actions toward restoring rail service to Churchill, Manitoba.
The Government of Canada’s top priorities are ensuring that goods and supplies are delivered to those who need them and restoring the Hudson Bay rail line to Churchill.
OmniTRAX Inc. has legal obligations to repair the rail line and its tracks. To this end, we have formally demanded that the Hudson Bay Railway Company repair the rail line in line with the terms of its 2008 contribution agreement with the Government of Canada, which requires the company to operate, maintain and repair the entire Hudson Bay Railway Line in a diligent and timely manner until March 31, 2029.
The Government is willing to look at all options, including exploring the possibility of working with a new owner toward the repair of the rail line. To this end, senior government officials are engaging to find a solution on rail track repairs, ensuring a continuation of rail service for Churchill and surrounding communities.

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