27 de noviembre de 2022

Senior NATO official addresses NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Ambassador Alejandro Alvargonzález, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, addressed the Plenary Meeting of the NATO-Parliamentary Assembly’s Spring Session in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Monday (3 June 2019). Ambassador Alvargonzález stressed that parliamentarians play a key role both in embodying and defending the NATO Allies’ shared democratic values at a time when these are being challenged in a variety of new ways.


He reviewed NATO’s ongoing adaptation to changes in the international security environment, including Russia’s persistent aggressive actions, cyber and hybrid threats, and rapid technological change.  He also encouraged those NATO country parliaments which had not already ratified North Macedonia’s NATO membership, to do so as soon as possible.


Looking ahead to the next NATO Leaders’ meeting in London on 3-4 December, Ambassador Alvargonzález called it an opportunity to reaffirm transatlantic unity and resolve, to celebrate NATO’s 70 years of success, as well as to look to the future.

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