19 de abril de 2024

The Chairman of NATO Military Committee visits Bulgaria

The Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach travelled to Bulgaria from 23-24 September. During his visit, he met with Prime Minister Mr. Boykov Borisov, Vice President Iliana Iotova, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Petko Doykov, Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Atanas Zaprianov and Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Andrey Botsev.


As Bulgaria celebrated its 15th anniversary as a member of the Alliance this year, the Chairman commended the various ways in which Bulgaria contributes to NATO. Speaking at a joint press conference with General Botsev and Mr. Doykov, the Air Chief Marshal lauded the country’s commitment to NATO. Sir Stuart noted the strategic role that Bulgaria plays in the Black Sea region, as well as the country’s contributions to NATO’s missions and operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo and praised Bulgaria’s commitment to meet NATO’s capability and spending goals.

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