4 de octubre de 2022

«We are excited for fans to feel how fun it is to make the plays and game decisions of an NFL quarterback, just like our cover athlete Lamar Jackson. Getting to relish in the energy of thousands of cheering fans, in your favorite stadium, as you get a glimpse of what it takes to compete at the highest level in our game is truly something I feel every football fan is going to remember forever. It’s one thing to experience sports games from a broadcast point of view, it’s another to step into the shoes of your team’s quarterback and choose from more than a hundred plays and then successfully run a shotgun normal quick slants 86 or a pistol ace wide receiver comebacks while the defense is coming right at you. NFL PRO ERA is the future of the field,» said Andrew Hawkins, Co-Founder and President of StatusPRO and former NFL wide receiver.


«For fans to be able to experience everything that I do, from a quick slant to a long bomb while trying not to get sacked, is next level,» Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson added. «This is unlike any other game you’ve experienced. As the quarterback, you take the snap, and you feel the pressure of what it’s like to make a big play. The gameplay action is as close to reality as you can get! I’m proud to be the brand’s first ever cover athlete.»


«Andrew and Troy competed at the highest levels themselves, and that experience shows in what they’ve created with NFL PRO ERA, where the value of feedback and involvement from actual NFL players is fully embraced,» said Terése Whitehead, Vice President, Consumer Products & Strategy at NFL Players Inc., the marketing, and licensing arm of the NFLPA. «By integrating professional athletes’ POV, starting with Lamar Jackson, the game provides a true feel and authentic football experience.»


For more information, visit https://www.status.pro.


OneTeam, the group licensing partner that leads the NFLPA’s video games business, will leverage its roots in video games and marketing, supporting the product with player procurement and production resources.

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