18 de mayo de 2024

A new series NFL’s Most Interesting Jobs premieres TODAY with NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr.

Each episode airs on Tuesday at 1:00 PM ET on the NFL’s YouTube channel and explores the NFL’s most interesting jobs. From feeding an entire NFL organization to preparing the locker room for Super Bowl LVI, each episode finds Smith Sr. learning a new job as he shares the stories of individuals who help the NFL and teams operate.


Provided below is a broadcast schedule of each episode:


  • TODAY: NFL Head Chef and Nutritionist – Smith Sr. joins the Minnesota Vikings’ head chef and nutritionist to learn what it takes to feed a team and keep them healthy. Full episode available HERE
  • Tuesday, October 4: NFL Coaching Staff – Smith Sr. joins the New York Giants’ coaching staff to find out what it takes to get the players ready for Sunday
  • Tuesday, October 11: NFL Equipment Manager – Smith Sr. learns from the Los Angeles Rams’ equipment staff what it takes to get the locker room ready for Super Bowl LVI
  • Tuesday, October 18: NFL K Ball Specialist – Smith Sr. takes the field as the K Ball Specialist for the Kansas City Chiefs to learn how the team manages the proper kicking footballs during the game
  • Tuesday, October 25: NFL Strength and Conditioning Staff – Smith Sr. joins the Buffalo Bills’ Strength and Conditioning staff to learn all of the techniques used to make sure players can play to their best ability on game day

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