4 de marzo de 2024
Native Launches Whole Body Deodorant for All-Day

Native, the clean personal care brand, is proud to introduce its newest innovation and category extension, Whole Body Deodorant. Sometimes stink exists beyond your underarms—this new line features deodorant sprays and classic deodorant sticks to deliver fresh ways to fight odor from your pits to your toes.


Native Launches Whole Body Deodorant for All-Day, All-Over Freshness

The deodorants do more than mask BO. Native Whole Body Deodorants are designed to be tough on odors with clinically-proven 72-hour odor protection, while being gentle on sensitive skin and sensitive areas. Intended for external use on underarms, chest, underboob, privates, and feet.


“We want to empower people to feel confident in their own skin, even during moments when life, well, stinks,” said Vineet Kumar, CEO of Native. “We’ve found that consumers are having to solve for normal body odor with compensating behaviors like multiple showers, changing clothes in the middle of the day, keeping distance from others, or using products that are not designed to address odor at the source. Native’s Whole Body Deodorants offer an easy and effective way to protect from BO, while boosting confidence so you can go about your day smelling good.”


Native continues to invite consumers to lean into clean formulations without compromising on effectiveness with its newest launch. Both deodorant formulas are dermatologist-tested, apply clear on skin, and made without aluminum salts, parabens, baking soda, dye, or talc. Available in four scents that provide long-lasting freshness:


  • Coconut & Vanilla: The subtle sweetness of vanilla with the beachiness of coconut? Name a better duo.


  • Cucumber & Mint: It’s a garden party, and the only scents invited are crisp, clean, and refreshing.


  • Lilac & White Tea: Addictive but subtle white floral scent with a hint of crushed tea leaves.


  • Unscented (Stick Only): Proof that the best things in life are free; this is the perfect option for those who feel that the perfect scent is no scent at all.


The collection will be available to shop at nativecos.com and at major retailers nationwide with an MSRP of $14 for sprays and $13 for sticks. Get closer with Native Whole Body Deodorant.


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