7 de agosto de 2022

The battlegroup will conduct three training sequences of 36 hours, testing defensive and offensive tactics. “This exercise is the perfect chance for the German, Dutch and Czech companies to increase their readiness and capabilities. This is especially important in order to prepare for the Level 3 Field training exercise Iron Wolf, which we will conducted with our Lithuanian partners in June”, said Lt. Col. Peer Papenbroock, Comander of battlegroup in Lithuania.


NATO deployed four multinational battlegroups to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in 2017. These battlegroups, led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States respectively, are multinational, and combat-ready. Their presence makes clear that an attack on one Ally will be considered an attack on the whole Alliance. NATO’s battlegroups form part of the biggest reinforcement of the Alliance‘s collective defence in a generation.

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