19 de octubre de 2021

La OMC publica una nueva edición de “Perfiles comerciales”

La OMC ha publicado hoy (11 de octubre) la última edición de su publicación estadística anual “Perfiles comerciales”, que presenta una serie de indicadores clave sobre el comercio de mercancías y el comercio de servicios comerciales de 197 economías.


The profiles include a breakdown of exports and imports for each economy as well as its main trading partners. The cut-off point for the data included in the publication is 13 August 2021.


For merchandise trade, major exports and imports are listed for both agricultural and non-agricultural products. For trade in services, a detailed breakdown is provided for transport, travel and other commercial services. Foreign affiliate statistics (FATS) and statistics on industrial property are also provided.


The profiles are available for all WTO members and observers and for other selected economies. The data are presented in a two-page format for each economy, providing a concise overview of global trade.


The publication can be downloaded here in English, French, and Spanish. Printed copies will be available later this month.


Additional data are available through the WTO statistics webpage, the WTO’s time series portal and the International Trade and Market Access online data application.


The WTO also provides short-term trade data through the WTO statistics webpage. Time series data on merchandise and commercial services trade, on an annual basis, may also be downloaded here.


The WTO’s other annual statistical publications are World Tariff Profiles and the World Trade Statistical Review, which were published earlier this year.


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