5 de febrero de 2023

From Home Ec to Home Eq[uity]: P&G’s Dawn & Swiffer brands partner with Hello Sunshine’s Fair Play to Help Close the ‘Chore Gap’ with New Curriculum

Using the game-changing Fair Play system, Home Eq[uity] gives the next generation innovative tools and practical lessons to help address gendered division of household labor

Today, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Home Care brands Dawn and Swiffer launch Home Eq[uity], an educational initiative designed to close the chore gap in households across North America by addressing the gendered division of household labor. The collaborative program is a partnership between P&G, Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, a part of Candle Media, and TheNew York Times best-selling author Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play brand.The robust school curriculum, created with the help of educators and influencers like Laura Danger (@thatdarnchat), includes dinner table discussion guides and practical “homework” designed to teach the next generation how to distribute household work fairly across all family members.


As a new work-school-home-life balance has emerged, so has an opportunity to reimagine how homes are run – with everyone doing their part. Despite making up more than half of the labor workforce, women today are still responsible for the majority of chores at home1.


Home Eq[uity] provides teachers, parents and youth with lessons and tools to understand what it takes to manage a household and divide tasks fairly. The curriculum is tailored for primary, middle and high school/college audiences, and is available for free download at www.FairPlayLife.com/Home-Equity-Curriculum for school districts and families in U.S. and Canada. With more than 80% of teachers turning to social media to inspire teaching ideas in their classrooms2, Home Eq[uity] will also feature exclusive content on TikTok from Reese Witherspoon, Rodsky, and Laura Danger (@ThatDarnChat), Educator and Advocate.


“As an educator, partner and mother, I believe giving our young people the tools to build equitable partnerships is one of the most important gifts we can give them. The Home Eq[uity] curriculum is designed with ease-of-use in mind by including visual aids, printables and a teacher guide to make it easy to facilitate with minimal lesson prep. Teachers and parents will get as much out of the lessons as the students!” said Laura Danger. “Since implementing the Fair Play method within my own home, my kids get to see how my husband and I communicate and distribute the domestic load. We’re setting our kids up to have equitable households of their own in the future by teaching them how to share household tasks and communicate effectively.”


Home Eq[uity] builds on P&G’s inaugural 2021 Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap campaign, which ignited a cultural conversation by inviting Americans to do their part to create more equality in the division of household work.


“Closing the chore gap at home is essential to building an inclusive, gender-equal environment for the next generation,” said Marchoe Northern, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Home Care, P&G. “For more than 100 years, P&G has studied family dynamics and behaviors at home. We believe that the habits and roles we establish in the home impact and inspire how we show up in the world. We all have a collective responsibility to provide children with the knowledge and tools to play a meaningful role in creating more equal households, and Home Eq[uity] is a step toward facilitating that for parents and teachers alike.”


“Through Home Eq[uity], we are able to teach the next generation how to share the mental and physical responsibilities of maintaining a home so it does not all fall on one person,” said Eve Rodsky. “Creating a movement toward greater fairness in the home was the goal of Fair Play, and now being able to partner with P&G to teach young people how to close the chore gap before it even starts only moves us closer to that goal.”


Download and learn more at FairPlayLife.com/Home-Equity-Curriculum and @FairPlayLife on Instagram.

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