28 de mayo de 2023

Venus is launching its first ever dermaplaning skincare regimen, complete with a trio of products for an easy three-step dermaplaning routine. The dermatologically approved Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care Collection offers a cleansing primer, a dermaplaning razor, and a hydrating serum that are designed to work in perfect harmony for instantly glowing skin.


“Our commitment to every woman’s right to feel comfortable and live freely in her own skin is at the forefront in all our product innovation and why we strive to provide multiple product solutions for women, whatever their grooming routine is,” says Dana Malcolm, Senior Brand Director, North America P&G Female Shave Care. “Dermaplaning is something many women are doing or are interested in but can sometimes feel overwhelming to adopt into their beauty routines. We are now excited to introduce a complete dermaplaning regimen with Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care with OLAY to allow every person to glow their own way.”


The new collection includes a cleansing primer, dermaplaning razor and hydrating serum. An electric mini hair remover is also available for touch-ups.


“In our research, we found that women were searching for clarity on the best way to care for their skin while dermaplaning. There was a need for a full regimen, with specially formulated products to use throughout the process,” said Elizabeth Compo, Senior Scientist for P&G Female Shave Care. “In addition to efficacy, we also heard that safety was top of mind, which is why we ensured all products in the collection are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.”


The full skincare regimen includes:



Dermaplaning Facial Cleansing Primer – This no rinse, non-astringent formula, with cucumber and aloe, is for use prior to dermaplaning or as a cleanser and toner for in-between hair removal days to cleanse and hydrate facial hair and skin. The balanced combination of skin conditioners and gentle cleansing ingredients work together to optimally prepare skin for dermaplaning, sweeping away debris, leaving facial hair and skin clean and refreshed without drying the skin out.



Dermaplaning Razor – This dermaplaning razor instantly and visibly removes fine facial hair and layers of dead skin. The razor’s design features a high-quality blade surrounded by Skin Defense Guard, rounded protective tip for safety to provide a controlled and comfortable shave. Additionally, switching to a new blade is made easy with a “click” dock for quick blade changes. This refillable facial razor makes for a more sustainable choice compared to the common disposable options. Our dermaplaning razor’s blade edge is also up to 20% thinner compared to other dermaplaning tool blades on the market which reduces the force it takes to cut through hair.



Dermaplaning Hydration Serum – This water-based serum replenishes hydration to soothe and refresh skin after dermaplaning, leaving skin smooth, bright, and refreshed. Formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, cucumber, aloe, and vitamins B3 and B5, the serum is specifically made for dermaplaning and is non-comedogenic, oil-free and fragrance and dye-free.



Mini Hair Remover – This mini hair remover is designed to gently remove hair anywhere, anytime, even on the go. It is specially designed for the contours of the face, with its unique rotary system blades that are gentle on lips, chin, and cheeks for effortless hair removal. The device is also easy to maneuver with its built-in smart light to spot any unwanted hairs.


More information on Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Care with OLAY can be found on https://www.gillettevenus.com/en-us/facial-hair-skin-care/. The collection is available at all major retailers where you typically find your favorite Venus products.


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