9 de junio de 2023

Statement on Sudan by UN Women Executive Director Sima Bahous

USA 21 OCT 2021 - Dr. Sima Sami Bahous, Executive Director of UN Women addresses the meeting 'New Chapter in Afghanistan: Ensuring Support of Afghan Women & Girls' held in the Trusteeship Council in NY, NY on Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021. Groups came together for a conversation on ensuring international cooperation in response to the crisis in Afghanistan, with specific attention to the plight of Afghan women and girls. Leading Afghan women and policymakers discussed the urgency of this moment, while addressing critical questions, while recommending actions for a more cooperative, effective, and inclusive response to the developing situation in Afghanistan. Photo Credit: UN Women/ Amanda Voisard

New York City  — UN Women joins our partners in expressing our grave concern over the continued conflict in Sudan.  As in all crises, this will surely have dire and disproportionate impacts on the lives of Sudanese women and girls. We stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan and remain committed to supporting them.

The resilience of Sudanese women is a source of hope, their role in the pursuit of peace essential, their strength as humanitarian workers, carers and protectors an inspiration.  We must heed their calls for a ceasefire and peace and commit to supporting them in everything they do.

Reports of sexual and gender-based violence are already surfacing.  We fear that they will only grow more frequent.  UN Women calls on all parties to ensure that no woman or girl is affected by these crimes, and on all actors to spare no effort to mitigate the increased risk.  There must be no impunity and every instance of sexual and gender-based violence investigated and prosecuted without exception.

The UN Secretary-General has called for an immediate halt to the fighting to coincide with Eid-Al-Fitr.  This will allow the continued delivery of essential humanitarian assistance and a return to dialogue.  He has demanded respect for International Law. I join his call and urge all parties to commit to a peaceful resolution.

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