2 de junio de 2023

The New Swiffer PowerMop Helps You Mop Smarter So You Can Say Goodbye to the Hassle of a Mop and Bucket

The PowerMop is the newest revolution in floor cleaning, allowing for a mop and bucket deep clean in half the time 1 – it’s time to finally kick the bucket to the curb

Six in seven people report holding on to the cleaning routines their parents taught them growing up2. So, it’s no wonder that most people have relied on a traditional mop and bucket for years thinking that it’s the only way to get a deep clean on their floors – until now. Swiffer is introducing its biggest innovation in 20 years with the new Swiffer PowerMop – ushering in the next generation in floor cleaning with an all-in-one wet cleaning system that gives people the clean they want in just minutes. It’s time to mop smarter, not harder.


Cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket can be a real chore. From heating the water, filling the bucket, lugging the bucket around your home, to finally mopping your floors and waiting for them to dry, it can be both strenuous and time-consuming. With the new Swiffer PowerMop, people can level up their floor cleaning while leaving behind the hassle and heavy lifting of a mop and bucket.


“Some people love to clean as a part of their self-care routine and others clean out of necessity, but most can agree that cleaning the floor is one of the most tedious parts of a cleaning routine,” said KaNeeTa Kimble, Senior Brand Director, Procter & Gamble. “Keeping true to the Swiffer heritage, we strive to create products that make people’s lives easier when it comes to cleaning. We are so excited that the new Swiffer PowerMop gives people the deep clean they expect from a mop and bucket, but with the ease and convenience Swiffer delivers.”


Swiffer conducted years of research and consumer studies to better understand the pain points of cleaning. The new Swiffer PowerMop was thoughtfully designed to make mopping floors as simple, quick, easy, and effective as possible, saving people time and up to 70 gallons of water3 a year on their regular floor cleaning routines. In addition, Swiffer is committed to helping close the Chore Gap in homes across the U.S. with educational initiatives and product innovations that address the gendered division of household labor. The Swiffer PowerMop is helping to close this gap with a smarter and easier way to mop – allowing anyone in the household to contribute and get the same deep clean.


New features include:


  • A breakthrough 3D Mop Pad includes 300+ powerful scrubbing strips made up of 6 layers of 2-sided strips to provide 5x the cleaning power4 vs. the WetJet pad to tackle tough messes on finished floor surfaces. The 3D Mop Pad’s fibers are positioned in a looped design to provide just the right texture to entangle and capture loose soils and hair, while also allowing the PowerMop to break down tough, sticky messes with ease.
  • A sleeker, more modern design than Swiffer WetJet that boasts a 30% larger mop head5 with 360 swivel for easy maneuverability to ensure greater coverage and flexibility – to clean hard to reach spaces like nooks, crannies, and grout lines.
  • Upgraded Lavender and Fresh scented PowerMop solutions provide a long-lasting scent and freshness for hours6 after cleaning, all while leaving floors virtually streak and residue-free.
  • The new PowerMop Wood mop pad is made up of 300+ gentle glide strips that trap dirt and grime inside. The PowerMop Wood cleaning solution features a long-lasting Lemon scent and QuickDry Formula™, which dries up to 2x faster7 when compared to a leading brand.


The Swiffer PowerMop is rolling out in May and will be available nationwide in store and online June 2023. The Swiffer PowerMop Starter Kit includes the PowerMop, one full-size bottle of Cleaning Solution and one pack of 3D Mop Pads. The PowerMop 3D Mop Pad is available in both Multi-Surface and Wood varieties.


To learn more, please visit Swiffer.com. Follow @Swiffer on TikTok and Instagram for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your cleaning products, as well as updates on future innovations and offerings.



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