22 de julio de 2024
trade policy

17 de junio de 2024.- At the launch of the course on 3 June, Chile’s  WTO Ambassador and patroness of the course, Sofía Boza Martínez, underlined the importance of the training programme in building participants’ capacities to formulate, analyse and implement multilateral trade policies. Underscoring the timeliness of the course given the effect that global crises are having on the multilateral trading system, she noted that participants have a unique opportunity to strengthen their skills through a hands-on approach and case-based learning.

Also speaking was WTO Deputy Director-General Johanna Hill, who noted the importance that the WTO attaches to supporting government officials in building their trade-related capacities and in keeping up to date with the outcomes from the 13th Ministerial Conference held in February in Abu Dhabi. She highlighted that the course was designed to enable participants to discuss how to strengthen, reform and modernise the multilateral trading system and encouraged them to actively participate in all sessions and benefit as much as possible from the course.

The course comprises theoretical and practical sessions to support government officials in applying trade agreements. Participants have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through workshops and case studies and to discuss evolving trade issues during roundtables. Participants are also able to meet experts in other international institutions based in Geneva.

This Geneva-based advanced trade policy course represents the highest level of learning among the WTO’s training activities for generalists as part of the WTO Secretariat’s progressive learning strategy.

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