jue. Sep 19th, 2019

Concluye en Ginebra el Curso Introductorio de Política Comercial para los Países Menos Adelantados (PMA)

El último Curso Introductorio de Política Comercial para los Países Menos Adelantados (PMA), celebrado en la sede de la OMC del 29 de abril al 17 de mayo

The three-week course sought to develop participants’ understanding of the WTO and its agreements through a variety of approaches, including presentations, practical exercises and interactive discussions. The overall objective was to provide the participants with key information on WTO issues so that they can improve their awareness of the structure and basic principles of the WTO as well as the main disciplines contained in the WTO agreements, including the flexibilities available to developing countries.

The development dimension was at the centre of the programme, which included sessions on special and differential treatment provisions for developing countries and LDCs in WTO agreements, technical assistance and capacity building as well as an overview of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF). It also sought to provide a broad picture of the work carried out by other organisations in Geneva, such as the Advisory Centre on WTO Law, the International Trade Centre and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

The involvement of LDC delegates in a roundtable discussion as well as the opportunity to follow the WTO General Council Meeting on 7 May created a strong link between trade policy theory and concrete situations.

The course represents a level 1 activity of the WTO Progressive Learning Strategy and serves as a prerequisite for more advanced WTO training activities.


Views of the participants


Koku Ananzé Oganto (Togo)

«This course has been a great opportunity to learn about how the WTO functions and the fundamental principles on which the trading system is based. The online training, the meetings, the exercises and the contact with experts from the WTO has shown me how these principles need to be applied. The course has also given me a better understanding of how negotiations are conducted.»


Eliane Fatondji (Bénin)

«This course has allowed me to expand my knowledge about the WTO and how countries negotiate. I have learned more about trade concepts, such as national treatment, and I have improved my team-working skills. I feel like a different person who can now discuss trade in a much more authoritative way. I can’t wait to go to the next level of training so that I can continue to expand my knowledge.»


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